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Could Drake survive a battle with Eminem?

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Aug 11


By now you may have heard about the altercations that Drake has been involved with. His feud with Funkmaster Flex has been recently dragged on longer, taking attention away from his battle with Joe Budden. Hot 97’s program director Ebro Darden, along with Paul Rosenberg and Laura Styles even chimed in and shared his thoughts and feelings about Drake’s remarks that were made at his latest performance at Madison Square Garden. Some how Eminem’s name was brought into the mix and rumors started to fly. Many people feel that, that battle will never happen. Others are just waiting for the first shot to be fired.

While recollecting on a private conversation with Drake, Ebro mentioned that he jokingly told Drake, “...I heard the rumor was Eminem was going to gear up to come after him...And he laughed. He was like, ‘That’s not gonna happen.’ He was like, ‘He’d never do that. And if he did, I got something for him, too.'” Naturally, when that reached the public ear, everyone lost it and the rumors began to form. Blogs claimed that Eminem was creating a new song aimed directly at Drake. That has not been confirmed and most likely is not going to happen, but what if?

An Eminem vs. Drake battle seems like it would be one sided, but there are some factors that could keep Drake in the fight if a battle should ensue. Consider the previous rap battles Drake has been in. Drake has gone against Common, Pusha T, Meek Mill, and most recently Joe Budden. Each battle he has come out practically unscathed with little to no damage to his career. At most, Meek Mill revealed that Drake doesn’t write some of his lyrics, but Drake quickly proved his pen game is still worthy of respect with not one, but two Meek Mill diss tracks, “Back to Back” and “Charged Up.” Secretly and openly many of us wanted Meek to destroy Drake but he fell flat on the chance. Drake has fostered an image of being bulletproof when it come to battles. Joe Budden tried to pull Drake into a battle with some worthy diss tracks, but it’s hard to be in a battle with no opponent. Drake refused to respond to Joe even though his verse on French Montana’s “No Shopping” sounds like a shot in his Joe’s direction. Drake says it’s not. Drake seems to know when to respond and when not to.

Another huge reason as to why drake may survive a battle with Eminem is his fan base. Funkmaster Flex brought up a valid point on his show recently. He mentioned that 70 percent of Drake’s fans “wear high heels,” which is a true statement. Majority of Drake’s fans are women and many of them can care less about who Drake gets into a battle with. They keep him relevant. Relevancy is worked against Joe Buddens. A lot of Drake fans never heard of Joe Budden before his Drake diss tracks. That doesn’t mean Budden’s diss tracks were whack, they just didn’t reach enough people to really be effective.

Eminem is more of a household name than Joe Budden, but he has been silent for some years now. It would still take a lot of direct shots to shoot down the star that is Drake. If Eminem did release a diss track toward Drake it would be very exciting to see. Anyone who is a fan of hip-hop and hard hitting lyrics would easily side with Eminem, but the game has changed. Battles are not about skill anymore, unfortunately. A rapper’s star power seems to have more worth.  

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

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