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Atlanta’s underground Hip-hop scene is nothing without its Queen, Boog Brown

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Sep 21


Detroit native and Atlanta based femcee, Boog Brown is bringing the soul and honey to A3C again this year.  With her soulful sound, relatable metaphors and meaningful messages, she is one of a kind.  Although Brown moved to Atlanta to pursue the other opportunities within the city, she soon then has found herself deep into Atlanta’s underground Hip-hop scene.

She began rapping with Atlanta-based emcee Dillon in a group called Martha Knuckles. The duo combined their poetic lyrics with Hip-hop beats and added just the right amount of soul.  Their singles Give Me Room and Extraordinary helped to spread their unique sound and visuals online.

In 2010, she released her debut album, Brown Study, a collaborative project with producer Apollo Brown.  She describes this project as one of her most vulnerable works.  The project takes listeners on a journey through the “beautiful struggle.”  She continued to build her presence in the underground Atlanta Hip-hop scene performing at venues around the city, such as Aisle 5 in Little 5 Points.  In 2013, Boog released her next album The Late Bloom.  This album allowed her to build a solid fan base and gave her the tools to take her music beyond Atlanta. 

Earlier this year, Boog Brown joined fellow emcee, Yamin Samali on the BYOB National Tour.  The tour was self-booked and self-funded.  With this tour, Brown aimed to prove that artists don’t need large booking agencies to fund and book a tour and that it can be done on your own.  Brown and Samali are a part of the Working Class Music Group.  Brown said the group is about anyone using what they have to build something out of nothing in this industry.  This female emcee is breaking down barriers and showing that building a career from the ground is truly valuable.

Brown is heavily influenced by 80s and 90s Hip-hop.  Her music icons include Outkast, Nas and Queen Latifah.  This queen continues to shine with a classy, soulful flow on her records and in her performances.  She’s rumored on her social media about releasing a live performance album and her fans can’t wait for her next project.  This year, she’s back again to bring her aesthetic sound back to the A3C stage. 

A3C Appearance:

Lyricist Lounge and Snake Nation Present The Lyricist Lounge Sketch Show

Wednesday October 5th @ 8:00 PM

The Earl (East Atlanta Village)


Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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