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9 Reasons Why Edgewood Ave. is PERFECT For A3C

Ashley Vance
Posted by Ashley Vance on Aug 25


A3C Festival & Conference has found a natural home on Edgewood Avenue. In addition to the infamous street becoming one of the cultural breeding grounds in the city of Atlanta, here are 9 solid reasons why A3C can’t seem to stay away from Edgewood Ave.:

The foodf1f6f65553d06da9e87033614d23536c.jpg

With a line-up featuring Noni’s (pictured), Edgewood Pizza, Delightful Eats, and many more, scoring a post-turn-up meal has never been easier.

The people


Oh, the people. Pouring in from all over metro Atlanta, you’re bound to see a few familiar faces and meet a few new ones as well.

The History

edgewoodnew_0049__1_.jpgLocated smack dab in the heart of the Historic Old 4th Ward, Edgewood Ave. is always full of life. Not to mention, it’s pretty cool to be right down the street (walking distance) from the house Martin Luther King Jr. grew up in.

The Nightlife

2014-12-31-IMG_0486.jpgNo matter the day of the week, there’s always a decent crowd in at least one of Edgewood’s venue. Who doesn't love a guaranteed good time?

Multiple Bars in One 


Speaking of a guaranteed good time, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to relocate your move within minutes of growing tired of a location? Edgewood is lined with bars, lounges, and night clubs, so finding something to do is never an issue.

Central Location


Never too far from the post-move, never too far from the pre-game. The street’s convenient placement has pretty much made Edgewood Ave. synonymous with Downtown Atlanta.

The Culture

part2.0.jpgFrom the people selling street art and backyard BBQ on the corner, to the paintings covering those old, worn out buildings, you can always count on getting a true taste of Atlanta’s Culture on Edgewood.

Music Loving Venues


Whether you hit The Sound Table, The Department Store, or The Music Room, there’s bound to be a killer set lined up. You may even run into one of your favorite up-and-coming artists if you’re lucky.

No Pressure (:


Everything is relatively chill on Edgewood; wear what you want, do what you want. As long as it’s legal!

Ashley Vance

Written by Ashley Vance

Vance is A3C's Editor-in-Chief. Working as an Atlanta-based content guru, she dedicates her free time to helping artists build lasting brands.

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