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10 Things To Know Before Attending Hennypalooza A3C Edition

Johnell Gipson
Posted by Johnell Gipson on Aug 15


As A3C Festival & Conference steadily approaches, the event lineup and featured artists are gaining considerable hype. Of the events on the bill, one of the most highly-anticipated is Hennypalooza, a self-explanatory party that is taking of the country by storm. Set to kick off on October 7th at 9 PM at the Basement in East Atlanta Village, we’ve compiled a list of things you should know before you attend. Read it and drink--I mean weep.

10. Come early

Hennypalooza has become an extremely popular event, earning media coverage from a number of outlets and earning a reputation nationally as one of the biggest parties on the market. Due to the recent surge in popularity, the event sells out in record time, and the line for entry is long. Show up early so you don’t have to wait to start throwing back shots.

9. There WILL Be Special Guests

Somehow, Hennypalooza always finds a way to get some major names to show up to their event. From the likes of Ty Dolla Sign to Mike Will Made-It to Wale, you never know who may make an appearance, especially in Atlanta. It’s always best to expect the unexpected.

8. You Shouldn’t Come Alone

Parties are always more fun when you can enjoy it with the homies, so why not bring them along? It’s easier to meet more people when you come with a group, and your get a more complete experience of a party. Besides, when you get really drunk, who else is going to watch your back and make sure you don’t fall asleep in the bathroom?

7. You Shouldn’t Drive There

This is a no brainer. Drinking and driving is always a no-no, but it’s especially so when you’re driving to an alcohol-sponsored event! At the most, your Uber ride will cost $40 to get there, and probably the same to get home. A DUI can run you upwards of $10,000, not to mention the time spent in jail. The choice is pretty simple!

6. There’s Unlimited Free Henny, but Not Really... (Line and Run out)

Although the selling point of this party is endless free Henny and fried chicken, obviously this isn’t possible. Everyone comes to this party with their stomachs empty and their thirsts unquenched. A sponsored event only has but so much liquor, and the lines you’re likely to stand in to get your drinks will not be short. Come ready to get faded, but don’t expect to get a refill every five minutes.

5. You Probably Shouldn’t Dress Too Nice

With the copious amounts of drinks that will be getting chugged and Henny sprayed from water guns, it’s likely that liquor will get spilled on you at a certain point. Sure, everyone wants to look good on the off chance that they’ll meet their soulmate at Hennypalooza (if you’re seriously expecting to, you may need to re-evaluate some things), but there’s a far greater chance that you’ll just end up ruining a nice outfit for a bunch of people that are too drunk to even notice what you’re wearing.

4. Be Ready to Mingle

Parties are meant for letting loose, having fun, and meeting people. Far too often, folks come to parties and stand in the corner, never venturing off to make a new acquaintance. Hennypalooza is the perfect situation for you to make some new friends, because it’s so obvious that you guys have a few common interests: Hennessy, fried chicken, and ratchet music! That’s more than enough to strike up a conversation. Get out there and be social.

3. Try Not to Get Obliterated

Although the intention of this party is to get drunk and have a good time, everything is always best in moderation. Getting wasted is always fun, but try not to get blackout drunk to the point where you end up harming yourself or someone else in attendance. We’re all smart, responsible, slightly alcoholic adults here, so let’s conduct ourselves as such.

2. Leave Your Valuables at Home

This goes mainly for the ladies, but guys as well. There’s really no reason for you to bring anything to this party other than your phone, wallet, and keys home. The more valuables you bring, the more you’re at risk of losing something you’ll likely be unable to find. Unless you’re working at the event as a photographer or journalist, there isn’t much incentive to bring anything other than the aforementioned object


1. Come Ready to Party All Night!

Hennypalooza is an event that a lot of time and effort goes into, so it’s only right that you get your money’s worth! The party officially kicks off at 9 PM, but there’s no official end time. This event will definitely be rocking until the early morning, so come well-rested and ready to have a good time!


Photos courtesy of @TanairLG

Johnell Gipson

Written by Johnell Gipson

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