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A Conversation With 9th Wonder

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 13

A Conversation With 9th Wonder...

written by Elinaj Janile (Akashic Records)

photos by Carolyn Grady (Rhythmic Images Photography)

To be perfectly honest, it has been at least two days since the closing night of the A3c Hip Hop festival, and I find that I am still working toward catching up on rest. This event was a classic, well organized, variety of concerts, panel discussions, dj exibitions and an all around Hip Hop experience. This past weekend displayed every element of Hip Hop, suitable for everyone, from the die hard Hip Hop fan to the casual passer by, looking to learn more about the culture.

My first experience began in the "green room." It seemed as though there was some strange type of energy that guided me through the entire weekend, causing me to be in just the right place with perfect timing. When I entered the "green room," An artist by the name of 9th Wonder was conducting an interview with the press. The scene was comfortable and relaxed. This was the first time that I recall having crossed paths with 9th Wonder, however I had heard his name on several occasions. Interestingly enough, 9th Wonder was the first to greet me, making it very easy for me to enter the conversation. I asked him, if there was anything that he would change in relation to Hip Hop as it exist today. He told me, in not so many words, "the lack of black support, the lack of our people, {they} continue to let other people come in and take what we started..." Many artist often feel as though the culture is not appreciated to the degree in which it should be, specifically by the offspring of those who cultivated its' creation. He spoke of the Ivy League schools that often invite him to do lectures, verses the historical black colleges.

9th Wonder is a very well established, grammy award winning artist who has done production for a long list of artist from Nas to Mary J. Blidge. He is very well spoken, and serves his point with a great level of conviction. There were some things that he spoke on that I certainly would have liked to discuss further, in perhaps a more private setting. I think he and I could teach one another a great deal, and I certainly look forward to meeting him again soon. Stay posted as I intend to releasing the full audio from this interview in the near future.

"It can be tough, you look on tv or look on magazines and see that this is what America thinks that Hip Hop is, in order for me to get to that level, then im going to do something that I don't want to do, to be very candid about it... I'd rather just make it on my own terms, than to do something that is so totally against what I believe in." Everybody is not meant to lead, some people are meant to follow..."
-9th Wonder

The Blog Team

Written by The Blog Team

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