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Poppin sneakers in 96'

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Jul 29
The year 1996 was not just great due to the amazing music that was being released in rap culture, but it was also an important year for the NBA. The 1996 NBA Draft has been said to be the best class in NBA history.  During this time players such as Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and Ray Allen were first drafted. It is important to understand the relationship between music, sports, and fashion because they all play a central role in influencing the masses. For instance, Allen Iverson was the first basketball player to embrace Hip-Hop culture fully on and off the court with his signature braids and customized Reebok. Below there is a list of shoes that were amongst some of the hottest selections back in 96’. Share your comments below and let the A3C family know what you think were the best kicks in 1996. 
1.    Jordan XI’s
 It is not a surprise that years later Jordan still the most popular shoe in relation to the sneakers that have influenced music, fashion, and sports. When this shoe released it was a major favorite amongst those who loved the style and considered themselves a Jordan fan, which at the time was the whole World.
2.    Nike Foamposite One’s
Many in this generation will find it odd to see that the Nike Foamposite’s have been around longer than they been alive. This shoe was one of a kind, and as original as they come.  This was a popular shoe in 96’ that left many sneakerheads satisfied. It was different and colorful, which were the key components of style back in the 90’s. 
3.    Air Max Pippen
In 1996, Scotty Pippen got his first pair of signature shoes under Nike. It was a great year for the Bulls seeing as how they closed out the season with the record for most wins in an NBA regular season. With 72 wins and ten losses on his record Scotty Pippen did not plan to take anymore L’s with the release of the Air Max Pippen’s. 
4.    Reebok Question (Iverson’s)
After playing many years at Georgetown University with Jordan’s, Allen Iverson was given the opportunity to have his own signature shoe. If you were as important of a rookie as A.I., then you understand just how important this deal was for Reebok, particularly in a time where Nike was completely dominating the shoe industry. In honor of Allen Iverson’s recent induction into the NBA Hall of Fame, Reebok re-released the original red and white colorway of the Reebok Questions. 
5.   Nike Air Max Penny II
Like most of the sneakers listed, this Nike Air and Nike Zoom combination were released during the 1995-1996. This shoe is definitely a memorial piece that many sneakerheads in the 90’s had. The Penny II’s was originally a shoe with just two colorways but later took on more after being re-released in 2008. 
Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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