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Zaytoven hosts party where independent artists mingle with big Atlanta names

Posted by Rashad Milligan on Oct 18


Briana for A3C Media Services

Another two story party on Edgewood night two-this time with an All-Star cast. Here are the top five things you missed at Who Got The Sauce? presented by Zaytoven and Digital Dope.


Rashad Milligan for A3C Media Services

5. Live DJ's performed on the rooftop all night long and one set included some Bad Boy flashbacks. Seemingly DJ's can do no wrong when they spin some Biggie classics.
4. Skooly danced in the crowd with the independent artists and he turned up as much as any other attendee. He didn't perform, but he certainly made his presence known by taking people's phones and making sure he was an essential part to their snapchat stories.
3.OJ Da Juiceman took pictures with just about every person that wanted one. Seeing "Make The Trap Say Aye" live should be on everybody's Bucket List. Although Donald Glover's FX hit show "Atlanta" used "No Hook" as the show's first song ever, the Juiceman didn't perform it.

2. Atlanta icons DJ Greg Street, Cassius Jay and Zaytoven shared the stage at the same time. Zaytoven entered with about five people, Skooly came in with about 10 and Cassius Jay kept a low profile for most of the night. If there were 200 people on the lower level at the time Zaytoven entered,  there had to be at least 30 people altogether on the very compact stage.
1. Zaytoven, Skooly and DJ Greg Street took all cards and CD's handed out to them.

Even at the showcases, the name of the game at A3C is networking.

Rashad Milligan

Written by Rashad Milligan

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