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Who’s got the Major Keys to Mental Health in Hip-Hop?

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Oct 3


In the Hip-hop community, although it’s very important, mental health is often looked over and put to the back burner.  The panelists on the Major Keys to Mental Health in Hip-hop panel will help to bring these issues to the fore front.

Jack A. Daniels

Who’s better to advise on mental health than psychotherapist Jack A. Daniels?    Daniels has been prominent in the entertainment industry and is now sharing his guidance to the Hip-hop community. He’s guided many people to discover their life’s purpose and how to follow their path to success.  He wears many hats and works on many different networks to get his word out.  Daniels is the host of BlackLove on A&E, and is the author of Stay Out of Your Own Way and I Need a Wife-Where are the Real Women.  Daniels’ has appeared on countless panels, TV, radio shows and seminars encouraging and teaching people how to be the best that they can be.  Jack A. Daniels’ effect on mental health is imminent and he plans to dip into the hard subject of mental health in Hip-hop on this panel.


Ashley Reid

Ashley Reid grew up around music and art her entire life, being the daughter of Music Moguls LA. And Pebbles Reid.  Reid is an artist herself, a visual artist.  She uses her gift to capture art and photography to speak for the civil injustices in the world.  Her art has been featured in galleries from New York to Milan and she uses her wide reach to bring attention to civil and human rights.  She is the Meeting of Minds organizer and works to bring change through government legislation, education and outreach.  She works in music as an A&R and a consultant for Blazetrack, a network for artists, songwriters and producers to get feedback from music executives.  With all of the different responsibilities that she carries, it is important for her to maintain strong mental health for her sake and the sake of her clients.  Reid maintains balance in her life while fighting for causes that truly matter.   In this panel, she will give her insight as to how to handle a healthy life in the Hip-hop industry.


Dina Marto

Dina Marto has always been a hustler from the time she began to pursue a career in Hip-hop.  She’s used her many skills to build a company to help artists better themselves and their craft.  With her company, Twelve Music Studios, she’s not only able to run a functional music studio, but to be consultant to the greats.  Marto knows a lot about hard work and building from the ground up.  While she was in school, she co-founded a PR firm which had large clients such as V-103’s Ryan Cameron and members of Organized Noize.  As a studio owner and operator things can get pretty crazy, Marto will share some of her major keys to maintain health in this industry.


Bryan-Michael Cox

Bryan-Michael Cox’s talent and success cannot go unnoticed in the music industry.  With nine Grammys already under his belt, he continues to build his career in production, songwriting and DJing.  As such a notable talent, he deals with artists and numerous executives on a daily basis.  He’s been working since 1999 with various personalities and issues and has had to find balance.  Many times in this industry, while chasing their dreams, people lose sight of what’s important. Finding balance becomes less important in the business and personal care is often put to the side.  Cox has a lot of experience in this field and has a strong insight to bring to the panel’s listeners.

Health is wealth, and mental health should never be forgotten.  This panel aims to teach the important aspects of how to stay afloat in such a demanding industry. It’s important that someone is finally talking about the issues many face in mental health throughout the Hip-hop community.


Major Keys to Mental Health in Hip-Hop

Wednesday October 5th @ 6:30 PM
Room One (Loudermilk Center)

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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