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Which conference track are you on?

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Apr 20

If you have never been to A3C Conference before, this is definitly the year to start.

If you have been to A3C Conference in the past, we've got a lot of new and exciting things happening this year. You're in for a treat.

We've spent months talking with artists, producers and our friends in the music industry.  We've conducted surveys and polls. We've attended other conferences and festivals, and we've spent countless hours reseaching trends and reports. All with the purpose of producing a more valuable experience for you.  

The A3C Conference brings together artists, creatives and entrepreneurs in the music industry to connect, learn and create.  This year, we're developing 5 A3C Conference tracks and are focused on providing you with an invaluable experience.  

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Find the right track for you

We are currently accepting speaker, mentor and panel submissions.

Speakers & Schedule Coming Soon

You must have an Executive, A3C or Conference pass to attend the conference tracks.  Pre-sale Conference passes are only $195 while supplies last.

Buy Your Pass Today


artist accelerator logo.png

Independent Hip-Hop Artists and Managers

Enable hip-hop artists to take control of their career and elevate to new levels

Network with innovators and industry leaders. Learn about the current trends, resources and future technology. Create new music and collaborate with creative professionals.

Focus :
- Monetizing your music, brand and fanbase
- Marketing advice to increase views, clicks and shares
- Navigating the music business and legal landscape
- Social media tips and tools
- Using data to save money and increase sales
- Opportunities in publishing, licensing & syncing
- Booking more shows and going on the road
- Understanding brand partnerships and sponsorships
- The future of music discovery


beatstars summit logo.png

Entrepreneurial Producers & Beatmakers

Empower music makers to become entrepreneurs, run an online business and create new revenue streams

Network with peers and hip-hop’s most influential music industry professionals. Experiment with the newest hardware, software and technology. Create new music and collaborate with hip-hop’s most talented hip-hop artists.


- Starting and running your own business
- Best practices for selling beats online
- Demo & masterclasses with today’s top soundpack companies, software companies and hardware manufactures
- What you need to know about publishing & licensing
- Utilize social media, advertising, emails, YouTube and press to grow your brand and revenue
- Sound Design 101. How to create: sound kits, loops, midis, VSTs, etc.


LABELX final.png

Innovative Labels, Music Companies and Collectives

Connect innovators in the music industry to stimulate innovation

Innovative labels, music companies and collectives on the forefront of the rapidly evolving music industry connect to discuss trends and technology, cultivate growth and promote best practices.


- Getting creative with Artist-Label deal structure
- Connecting with an audience and creating authentic brands
- What role does a record label play in the music business
- The future of record labels, music companies and collectives
- Starting and operating a label today
- Creating revenue and making money"

spark v2.png

Music Tech Startups, Music Industry, Entrepreneurs, Developers and Investors

Connect music tech startups, end users and music industry leaders to spark innovation and partnerships

Pioneers in technology and the music industry connect to partner, promote, experiment and discover.


- The future of music streaming and discovery
- Gamifying the music industry
- Embracing virtual reality and augmented reality
- New ways to create and collaborate
- Beta: Building traction, adding users and getting feedback
- Highlighting the most innovative music startups and apps changing the industry


Activists, Academics and Artists

Use art, music and hip-hop culture to advance social justice and civic engagement

Activists, Academics and Artists connecting to address social justice challenges, learn from community leaders and develop actionable initiatives.

A3C Conference Hubs

Conference Center @ The Loudermilk Center

40 Courtland St NE

Atlanta, GA 30303

Wednesday, Oct 4 - Friday, Oct 6

The Conference Center is epicenter of the A3C Conference.  The facility is produced to ensure artists, producers, entrepreneurship and the music industry ecosystem connect and gain invaluable experiences and useful information.

Action Summit @ Auburn Avenue Research Library

101 Auburn Ave NE

Atlanta, GA 30303

Thursday, Oct 5 - Friday, Oct 6


Creator Complex @ Georgia State University’s Creative Media Industries Institute

25 Park Place

Atlanta, GA 30303

Friday, Oct 6

The Creator Complex will provide some of hip-hop’s most talented artists and producers the space and resources necessary to collaborate and create.  


The Blog Team

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