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What we Know About Kanye West's Rumored "Calabasas" Sneaker

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 21

kanye-west-vmas.jpgEveryone knows that when it comes to shoe releases, Kanye West's has always been considered some of the most highly anticipated. Since confirming his transition from Nike to Adidas back in 2013, West continued these efforts by presenting the sneaker culture to the Yeezy “Boost” line. The Yeezy Boost is arguably considered the most iconic shoe release of 2016, which explains why it is mentioned on many sites like GQ Magazine, Esquire, Forbes, and US Weekly. When thinking of fashion as a whole, one should understand how deeply involved Hip-Hop is with the shift in its culture. This relationship, of course, is due to that artist’s influence over the masses, and the company that artist is representing. However, it is rare to find instances when sneakers become a culture within themselves. Meaning that sneaker's like the popular "Jordans," have somehow broken the realm of just mere fashion. The same goes for West and his Yeezy brand. The fact is that if people are choosing to sleep outside instead of in their own beds, for a shoe release, then it is pretty much a big deal.

kanye-west-adidas-calabasas-1.jpgRecently, there has been rumors or “speculation” that West has a new fashion line titled, “Calabasas.” West was spotted wearing the brand in a couple different colorways, both red and black. The joggers also have word “Calabasas” labeled on the right-hand side. In addition to this new Yeezy item, Kim Kardashian recently put up a photo of West in a pair of white “Calabasas” Adidas. Of course, even the slightest hint of Kanye and fashion is enough to break the Internet.

kanye-west-drake-album-joint-ovo-fest-750x522-1470251710.jpgWhat many fail to understand is that the word “Calabasas” hints at a variety of exciting possibilities. For instance, there has also been much talk of a Kanye West and Drake collaboration that is set to release later this year. Just last month, Drake had a billboard place in L.A. that read “Calabasas” is the new Abu Dhabi.”(For those who don’t know, Calabasas is a prestige area in the “hills” of California.) Drake has even dropped tracks associated with the California area in his “4 pm in Calabasas” track which premiered on OVO Sound Radio. It is nice to see the proof behind successful entertainers who strategically create an effective campaign around a product to increase fandom and “hype.” Just as Jordan was able to create a cult around his product, so has West, and possibly Drake after the arrival of this Calabasas collaboration.

Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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