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VP of A&R at Epic Records, Ray Daniels is the mogul you need to know

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Aug 31

9ae08f85-2f8f-44e3-b40b-63fadb565db04.jpgThe music industry a big and very fast pace. With in just one genre there are thousands to millions of people working to produce the best product. It is a unique business and only a few people have learned how to masterfully maneuver through it. Ray Daniels is one of those people that has been able to remain successful in an industry that changes so rapidly. As the current VP of A&R at Epic Records, Daniels has used his expertise to launch and sustain the careers of many well known artists.

Ray Daniels has worn more hats than most. Before acquiring his current position at Epic Records, Daniels has managed a list of songwriters, producers, and artists. Under his own company, R.A.Y.D.A.R Management, he has guided the careers of The Jugganauts, The Hipnotiks, Verse Simmons, and Jarren Benton. He even helped the Grammy-award winning group Rock City, get signed to Akon’s Konlive Live Distribution and later Interscope Records. Daniels is a key factor in Epic Records’ success in the past few years. Under the leadership of L.A. Reid, Epic has been able to sign Future, Rick Ross and DJ Khaled this year. All three of the previously mentioned artists have made 2016 a year to remember, and has put Epic Records in the forefront of the Hip-Hop scene.  

Daniels has a wealth of information and insight into how the music industry works due to the many roles and titles he has held over the years. Managing, publishing, A&Ring, and distributing, Daniels has worked in some kind of capacity for many labels as Universal, Interscope, Motown and most recently Epic Records. Daniels once said,

"This game is easy, once you learn it and adapt all you gotta do is walk into a room and stand out." "Just figure out how to be the prettiest b**** in the room." 


You can hear more advice, tips and tricks on how to get your in front of the people. Ray Daniels will be joining other experts at the, “Placing Your Record” panel discussion at this year’s A3C Festival & Conference.
Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Ray Daniels, A&R

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