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The Difference Machine is bringing psychedelics to A3C

Posted by Micah Jennings on Aug 18

IMG_3119.jpgThe Difference Machine is bringing a new approach to music with their psychedelic and metaphysical style of hip-hop. Functioning more so as a band, the members of this atmospheric roller coaster include rhyme smith Dustin Teague, producer Conspiracy, bass guitarist Gauge Against The Machine, Drums of Def on the drums, and DJ Obeah supplying the cuts. Together this group takes its listeners on a euphoric whirlwind of adventure with deep topics revolved around the struggles of society’s structure as well as thoughts that lead to another spiritual realm.

 Since 2011, The Difference Machine has been maneuvering in Atlanta’s underground music scene and leaving behind a carbon footprint of third eye opening music. Their latest project, The 4th Side of The Eternal Triangle fuses genres such as acid jazz, psychedelic rock, and noise music along with mind-numbing lyrics that bring a new energy to hip-hop music. The lead single on the project “It's Alive” ft. Paten Locke consists of a grimy rock banging beat and gruesome lyrics that demonstrate the MC’s ability to bring anything around them to life. Other tracks like “A Night in the Life of a Day Tripper” give off a more nostalgic hip-hop feel that can be compared to Action Bronson and Ghostface Killah.

 The eccentric style of this group has led them to share stages with Chuck D, Run The Jewels, Ghostface Killah, and Shabazz Palaces to name a few.  Their latest project  is a transcendental work of art that pushes the barriers of modern hip-hop, especially sounds coming out of Atlanta, Ga. While continuing to elevate minds and souls, The Difference Machine will be performing at our Precious Metals A3C stage on Oct 6 in East Atlanta Village. Make sure your third eye is open and ready for their mind-blowing performance.

Micah Jennings

Written by Micah Jennings

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