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Mayor of Cape Town Patricia de Lille visits Atlanta for A3C Action pitch night!

Lauren Martinez
Posted by Lauren Martinez on Oct 5


The Second Annual A3C Action event just got even better with Patricia de Lille added to the guest list!

For more than 40 years, the current Mayor of Capetown has used her drive for political activism as a force against systematic injustice. Once referred to by the City Mayor publication as "World's best Mayor," de Lille is known for her leadership and passion for social development. She's proved she's committed to a long-term fight for equality, for which Nelson Mandela himself would refer to her as "a strong, principled woman" and his "favourite opposition politician." 

All seven of our A3C Action finalist have spent the last few weeks preparing their pitches in hopes of reeling in a $10,000 grand prize. The A3C Action program was founded on the grounds of social development and we're honored to have such an esteemed guest in attendance.

To get in on the (A3C) action and learn more about out seven finalists, join us on October 7th at the Loudermilk Conference Center. 

Lauren Martinez

Written by Lauren Martinez

"Every single individual on this planet has an untold story. My job is to bring their memoir to life." - Editor-in-chief

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