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Skippa da Flippa is about to have A3C attendees dabbin for 5 days straight

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Sep 2

video-215199.jpgIt wouldn’t be a proper A3C without the city of Atlanta’s very own rising artists. There is a long list of local talent that have made it big and that are own there way to superstardom. Originally from Florida, Skippa da Flippa moved to Atlanta in his early years to chase his dreams of playing football. He eventually retired the idea of carrying a football, and picked up a microphone and that has proved to be a lucrative move.   

ApywG4Bz12x5.jpgSkippa da Flippa is recognized as the originator of the dab dance. Some people claim that the Migos created the dance, but whoever you believe created “the dab”, Skippa da Flippa’s music will have you dabbing all day and night. Skippa first hit the scene with his 2014 release, “I’m Havin” mixtape. The mixtape features Lil Durk and all three members of the Migos on separate tracks. Skippa is signed to Quality Control, a label based in Atlanta that has quietly been taking over the Atlanta Hip-Hop seen with acts like Skippa da Flippa, Migos, Rich the Kid, OG Maco and most recently Lil Yachty. With, some of the best producers of the time in their corner, Skippa da Flippa and his label mates have first dibs on some of the best beats. Skippa may be one of the least heard of artist on the label, but he has some of the most catchiest songs. Tracks like “How Fast Can You Count It,” “Hell Is You Doing” and his latest song “I’m Eatin” are worthy of many dabs.   

Skippa has just released his fifth mixtape, I’m Tellin Ya. The I’m Tellin Ya mixtape comes only 4 months after the release of I’m Havin 2.  This tape features, Young Thug, Lil Yachty, Juicy J, Rico Love and Dave East. That only means he has some new material that he will perform for the first time at the A3C Festival.

You can expect to hear Skippa da Flippa spit his enticing triplet rhyme scheme during the “Zaytoven x Digital Dope” showcase at this year’s A3C Festival & Conference.
Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Skippa da Flippa, dabbing

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