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Ryan Leslie's SuperPhone Empowers Creators to Take Ownership of Their Audience

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 2


Singer and producer Ryan Leslie has been raising many eyebrows in the tech community. Innovators across the board have been trying to understand the purpose of Leslie’s “SuperPhone,” and how it has helped continue to expand his career as an artist. Recently, Forbes Magazine wrote an article on Leslie that features an interview, as well as detailed information about the SuperPhone’s functionalities.

Ryan Leslie is a firm believer of appreciating those who have helped him reach such great heights in his career. “ The people that actually buy your stuff, keep you in business and pay your rent you are supposed to care about those people, says Leslie. “ It is so important just to reach out and say thank you.” In other words, Leslie’s SuperPhone is a mobile communication device that gives the user the ability to deliver customizable SMS messages to millions of supporters across the world. Leslie’s main goal is to build genuine relationships with all his loyal supporters through this easily accessible contact list that contains in-depth knowledge about your fans.

By having extensive information about his consumer base, Leslie was able to independently generate $2 million from his most recent album through just 15,000 fans via his SuperPhone device. This is why media powerhouses that specialize in analyzing consumer behavior and engagement like Facebook and Twitter are trying to understand the formula behind Leslie’s methodology. Instead of having to spend big budgets on targeting audiences like most companies do, Leslie’s innovative ideas have helped him create a lucrative source of revenue with just the tips of his fingers.

Artists have spent years relying on third party platforms like Instagram, Youtube, and Soundcloud to manage their music and videos. However, by doing so, artist lose potential revenue because the money that is generated from audiences is divided amongst the company and the artist. Leslie emphasizes that the SuperPhone is the future for establishing the pathway to maintain a sustainable career as a creator. Make sure to catch Ryan Leslie speaking on panels at this year’s A3C Festival & Conference!

Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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