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Nectar Atlanta: Placing the Business Back in Art of Music

Posted by Zuri May on Oct 24

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In the modern music era, artists have become more empowered than ever before with an array of digital resources to take their career into their own hands. As artists and musicians have begun to reclaim their power, Nectar Atlanta was designed to harness this through branding. By constantly creating captivating brand strategies, the Nectar Atlanta Music Marketing Agency has taken the thriving, independent music scene in Atlanta by storm.

The Nectar Atlanta Music Marketing Agency is the greatest resource an artist can use to develop an impactful brand both digitally and physically. With a specialty in digital campaign work and performance branding, Nectar Atlanta creates custom blueprints for artists and labels looking to establish a legacy. In today’s market, the importance of a withstanding brand makes a large difference between an artist with hit songs and a legendary career; without a poignant brand, artists leave markets untapped, supporters unconnected, and art underrepresented. However, Nectar Atlanta builds strategic content while crafting a premium on and offline image so artists can build legacies for their bodies of work.

In the heart of Atlanta, the hip-hop mecca, the Nectar Atlanta team sets out to add business back into the art of music. Their team offers clients content packages that will set the tone for projects, singles, performances, and collaborations, one branding strategy at a time.

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Beginning their platform with event curating and music management, their agency realized very early on the importance of elite branding. Currently this agency offers comprehensive packages that include development planning, trainings, and evaluations; however, the agency also offers a la carte such as weekly digital content, media training, and stage performance evaluation.

Nectar Atlanta was established just over one year ago. During this time, the team has curated 5 events and designed campaigns for over 20 artists, many of which went on to perform at the 2017 A3C Festival & Conference, such as Jaye Newton, TheLetterM, Yung Baby Tate, and Neila, to name a few.

For more information on how Nectar Atlanta works to help artists and labels, visit their webpage at nectaratlanta.com

Zuri May

Written by Zuri May

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