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Nashville's Yung Woo has a banger

Posted by Rashad Milligan on Oct 13


Brianna for A3C Media Services

The Sound Release hosted a full night of performances. The scheduled five hour show brought artists in all stages of their careers to one venue at Space 2 on Edgewood.
The openers come from the entire country: Memphis and New England are two of the cities represented early in the night. While they're only about 50 people in the building before 10, the artists still give the audience performances to remember. Keep an eye out on Yung Woo from Nashville, who brought an energetic song "Give Em a Reason to Hate" to Atlanta.
"I've kind of got a Bryson Tiller, Waka Flocka, Syr Ari Da Kid all mixed into one," Woo said describing his style after his electric performance.
Woo doesn't put himself in a box when it comes to genres and the first time A3C-er felt the love after his performance. Woo also aims to visit Atlanta and A3C more in the future.
"Atlanta wild man," he said. "I barely come down here in the A, but I'm definitely going to have to start coming down here. It's definitely crazy, but there's a lot of love down here. A lot of love in the city and I support Atlanta all the way. They ain't seen the last of me."
Woo's first album has a release date of Jan. 13, 2017.

Rashad Milligan

Written by Rashad Milligan

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