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Music Tech Startup Spotlight: Jammber

Allison Hazel
Posted by Allison Hazel on Oct 2

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As a former A&R and investor with indie labels in the Chicago area, Jammber founder Marcus Cobb originally wanted to develop a music discovery platform which he described as  “LinkedIn for the music industry." In the process of developing this idea, Cobb and his team realized that there was a greater problem to solve within the industry -- and Jammber was the answer to the problem!

Aiming to simplify the music production process, Jammber is a cloud platform that keeps track of credits and payments while letting collaborators sign off on important steps digitally. Jammber also helps labels and artists file forms correctly in minutes rather than months.

 Jammber’s Bridge feature puts the complexities of business in a simple platform, so clients can focus on making music with confidence while protecting themselves at the same time. Cobb assures that Jammber is a great tool for business practices such as writer's splits.

 Like most music tech companies, raising capital was quite challenging. “While Jammber has been successful in raising nearly $2M, it was an early challenge to prove how large and important the problem was and that key stakeholders such as record labels wanted it solved”, said Cobb.

 “But after seeing such enthusiasm from record labels like Big Machine Label Group, Sony and Warner alongside investments from former Sony executive Joe Galante, investor momentum began to build.”

 Jammber offers both annual and monthly plans ranging from Basic to Enterprise. Each plan allows multiple users and includes storage, email support, eSigned documents, and more. "We understand creatives because we are creatives. We hold ourselves to a high-standard of simplicity which we call ‘Empathetic Design’. Jammber is a ‘service’ company and that sense of service resonates in everything we do”, Cobb tells A3C.

 Jammber aims to enhance the fluidity and velocity of the creative process in the Hip Hop community without changing it drastically. “Hip Hop is the largest category of music and growing. A3C provides an awesome opportunity to connect us deeply with the Hip Hop market”, Cobb explained.

 To learn more about Jammber’s features and pricing visit www.jammber.com. Also, be sure to catch Startup Spotlight presentations at A3C ’17!

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Allison Hazel

Written by Allison Hazel

Allison Hazel is a music blogger/journalist from NYC. She enjoys live music, steetwear shopping, trying new foods and traveling across the country.

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