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Mumble rap: 5 rappers we love but can't lyrically understand

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Sep 22


There is a trend going on in Hip-Hop right now that some people have taking a strong disliking to. Some rappers aren’t enunciating their lyrics anymore. Some people can’t care less as long as the beats are dope, but it’s pissing some people off. You can blame it on the lean, Xans and other drugs that rappers now boast about using or you can put it on pure laziness. Either way, “mumble rap” is a thing, for now. Some of the most popular artists out now have slurred their way through a song or two. We hear these songs all the time but can’t decipher what exactly is being said. It's mystery why we continue to listen to people who aren't using real words. It could be the challenge of trying to decode what they are trying to say that make it exciting for listeners. Alarmingly, there is a growing group of rappers who tend to mumble on tracks but these are the top 5 mumble rappers that are out now.    

Young Thug


Young Thug is one of the most talked about rappers out. No one has had an impact like the rapper formerly known as Thugga. He has caught the attention of many with his gender fluid fashion choices. He somehow, caught people's attention with his music. There are only a few words you can make out in a Young Thug song, everything else is undecipherable. No matter what Jeffery attempts to say on a track his fan base seems to just continue to grow.

Rich Homie Quan


Rich Homie Quan is a notorious mumbler. Most of the time the only thing that we understand is the hook. A lot of people were pissed off at Rich Homie for forgetting the Biggie lyrics to “Get Money” at this years Hip-Hop honors. How could you expect him to spit a verse like that when he can barely rap one for his own songs? The moment came and went, and apologies were sent. We haven’t heard anything new from Rich Homie lately, which probably means he is working on something new

Chief Keef


:F*****s in school telling me, always in the barber shop Chief Keef ain’t bout this, Chief Keef ain’t bout that." Chief Keef is not about rapping anymore. He was the artist that introduced drill music to the mainstream. The Chicago native broke out with his single “Don’t Like” which was remixed by Kanye and Pusha T to give it an extra boost. He followed up with other songs like “Sosa.” As Chief Keef continued to release music, the more slurred his words became and his popularity declined as well. It may the lean that effected Chief Keef’s music in a negative way, but who knows for sure?



Desiigner has the worst case of the mumbles that has been heard in the recent year. His breakout single “Panda” left everyone wondering what he was talking about. People are still trying to figure it out. Desiigner’s high energy and beats are keeping him afloat, because lyricism isn’t. The G.O.O.D Music signee released one project so far and it’s ironically titled New English. His “Tiimmy Turner” single kept people excited about his arrival. Since that song was hard to decode as well, people began to make up their own versions of “Tiimmy Turner.” With Kanye in his corner, Desiigner might be here for a little while and honestly we’re not mad at that.

Fetty Wap


Fetty Wap hit the scene hard with his “Trap Queen” single. For the most part we understood what we was saying, but let’s admit Fetty is not a good singer and  we have to listen a little harder to his songs to really understand. Fetty Wap's singing is more like moaning, and he proved that when accompanied with dope beats, you can make a career out of it. The ladies love Fetty Wap so, plan on hearing him more in the future.  
Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: mumble rap

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