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Kelly Hite and DJ MoneyGreen Bring The Sound Release to A3C

Ashley Vance
Posted by Ashley Vance on Sep 30
Hip-Hop is an artfrom well known for bringing people together, and this line-up put together by Kelly Hite & DJ MoneyGreen proves that All 3 Coasts can exist on one stage!
Based out of Nashville, Tennessee and Atlanta, Georgia, The Sound Release is a boutique agency dedicate to furthering the careers of both established and up-and-coming rap artists. Offering a wide variety of services from photography to brand consulting, the company is well known for acting as a middle man between rising emcees and their forthcoming success.
The Sound Release is set to bring Money Bagg Yo, Rob $tone, Katie Got Bandz, Ray JR and many more to A3C. To learn a bit more about what the two curators have in store for their A3C stage, we hit Kelly Hite & DJ MoneyGreen with a quick barrage of questions. 
What is the concept behind your showcase for A3C? 
DJ MoneyGreen: To bring artists from all three coasts together to perform on one stage.
Kelly Hite: Our first goal was to offer variety. We focused on bringing artists from all over that were not only established names, but also up-and-coming and the next to pop off in their region. 
Describe your showcase in three dope words? 
DJ MoneyGreen: Really F*cking Cool. (Word to Smoke DZA!)
Kelly Hite: Unquestionably good music 
What is going to set your showcase apart from hundreds of other events happening during the festival? 
DJ MoneyGreen: The fact that we have a variety of artists that represent different types of rap and hip hop music. 
Kelly Hite: As we stated before, variety is the number one thing that sets our showcase apart. That's what festivals are all about- experiencing variety that you normally wouldn't get at a regular show. We go from Rob $tone to Money Bagg Yo and it works because most fans love both. They love southern trap and west coast wavy. 
What can attendees expect to see at your showcase? 
DJ MoneyGreen: They can expect a really dope show and some surprise guests. The energy in the building will be crazy.
Kelly Hite: They can expect to hear sounds from the west coast, midwest, east coast and the south all mixed together. 
What artists will be performing at your showcase? 
A few of the artists we have performing include Money Bagg Yo from Memphis, Tennessee; Rob $tone from San Diego, California, Ray JR from Cleveland, Ohio Kris J from Atlanta, Georgia , Payroll Giovanni from Detroit, Michigan. We'll be adding a few more surprises this week!
Are there any surprises or pop-ups that might take place on-site during your show? 
Of Course! We always have a few surprise guests! 
What kind of experience do you want fans to leave with after attending your showcase? 
DJ MoneyGreen: I would love for them to leave with the satisfaction that we put together and presented a damn good show. I would love for everyone to say that this is one of their favorite shows they attended at A3C.
Kelly Hite: I hope fans discover new artists that they enjoy. 
Where can fans stay connected with you on social media?
DJ MoneyGreen: They can find me on instagram and twitter at @thedjmoneygreen , snapchat at djmoneygreen and on soundcloud at soundcloud.com/djmoneygreen-1
Kelly Hite: My instagram, twitter and snapchat is @kellyhite My websites are thesoundrelease.com and rapphotographer.com
What are a few tips you can share for upcoming promoters and curators wanting to work in the music business? 
DJ MoneyGreen: Always know the direction that you want to go in with your show. Make sure you maximize the full potential of your show and cater to your specific demographic of your audience.
Kelly Hite: You have to roll with the punches. As much as you try to plan, the unexpected will happen and it's how you react and correct it that will determine your success. Also, never be afraid to ask. While you'll no doubt hear the word "No" a lot, eventually you'll get a "Yes" 
What are you looking forward to the most this year at A3C 2016? 
DJ MoneyGreen: As far as performances go, I'm looking forward to seeing Redman, Bun B, Too Short, Cam Ron and more. As far as panels and workshops, Ryan Leslie's Masters Class, The "How To Rech Out To Media" panel, and the "Bloggers and Writers" meetup just to name a few. 
Kelly Hite: I always look forward to networking with people. A3C is where people from all different avenues of the music industry are at the same place at the same time giving you an opportunity to meet and discuss business face-to-face. 
The Sound Release presented by Kelly Hite and DJ MoneyGreen
Thursday October 6th @ 9:00 PM
Space2 (Old 4th Ward)
Ashley Vance

Written by Ashley Vance

Vance is A3C's Editor-in-Chief. Working as an Atlanta-based content guru, she dedicates her free time to helping artists build lasting brands.

Topics: Music

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