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Julia Beverly can teach you a thing or two about journalism

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Sep 14


Journalism is how we keep tabs on what is going on in the world and who thinks what about it. Music journalism is a different beast all-together. Everyone has varying opinions on music and the events surrounding music artist. Some of the most opinionated people in the music world are journalists. That often can land them on different people’s s*** list. Julia Beverly knows a thing or two about that.

As the founder, publisher, and editor-in-chief of the now defunct, Ozone Magazine, Julia Beverly has rubbed some people the wrong way. That comes with the territory when you run a successful publication highlighting a segment of Hip-Hop that did not get much attention at the time. During her tenure as publisher of Ozone Magazine, Beverley admits that her way of running things was unorthodox. Charging artist to be on the cover of the magazine was practically unheard of and went against the typical business model of a publication. With monthly issues released from 2002 to 2010, Ozone Magazine was the mainstreams outlet into what the South had to say. In 2006, Julia took the Ozone brand one step further by producing the Ozone awards, which recognized the accomplishments of southern rappers on MTV Jams.

Along with not seeing eye to eye with some people, Beverly has made many friends as well. Many artists and industry professionals admire her work and ambition. Rapper’s such as Scarface have praised her saying, "I really respect what she does. Ozone has always told our side of the story. There was a whole market down here that was making noise, and you only heard about some of it. Now, thanks to Ozone, you hear about all of it."

Beyond Ozone Magazine, Julia Beverly is also responsible for launching Agency Twelve, a booking agency that specializes, but is not limited to booking Hip-Hop and R&B talent. Through Agency Twelve, Beverly helped coordinate Lil Wayne’s Sorry For the Wait tour. She is also the author of Pimp C’s biography, Sweet Jones: Pimp C's Trill Life Story.    

Julia Beverly has participated in every aspect of publishing, from photography, copy writing, and coming up with the layout. She is the perfect person to discuss the future of journalism as it pertains to Hip-Hop. She has experienced all the ups and downs that  journalism has to offer. Come listen to her share those experiences during The Future of journalism:Covering Hip-Hop Culture panel discussion.   

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Julia Beverly, Ozone Magazine

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