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Join Ashley Vance at the A3C Bloggers Meet-up!

Lauren Martinez
Posted by Lauren Martinez on Sep 2


What's fun, motivating, and filled with aspiring writers? You guessed it --- it's A3C's annual Bloggers & Writers Meetup

Where would hip-hop be without dedicated journalists following and documenting every milestone made within the industry? From introducing new artists to the world, to meeting strict deadlines and selling our souls for a story, it goes without saying that bloggers are the unsung heroes of hip-hop. 

So, why link-up with other writers this year at A3C? For starters, your network is your net worth in media. Not only will you have the opportunity to network your butt off, this could be your chance to share your vision with a group of like-minded people who'll be more than willing to listen. What could be better than expanding your brand & making new connections? If you still aren't sold, this may be the perfect time to mention that there will be refreshments (while supplies last, of course). 

Artists: you're more than welcome to join in on the fun, but keep in mind, we aren't here for you. Not this time! Please leave your CDs, flashdrives, and links to your soundcloud profiles at the door (:

The event will be co-hosted by Ashley Vance, a freelance writer, brand manager,  and valued member of the A3C Editorial team. So writers, bring your business cards, charge your cell-phones, and prepare your best field-stories! If this post already has you amped up for the action (no need to be hide your enthusiasm), be sure to check out the rest of A3C's media oriented events, too. 


Thursday October 6th @ 11:00 AM
The Lab (Loudermilk Center)

Lauren Martinez

Written by Lauren Martinez

"Every single individual on this planet has an untold story. My job is to bring their memoir to life." - Editor-in-chief

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