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Funkmaster Flex vs. Everybody: List of rappers that Feuded with Flex

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Aug 11


Funkmaster Flex has held his  radio personality and DJ position on Hot 97 for years. He has seen many rappers come and go and has helped launch the career of many. Through the decades, Flex has also made enemies and has been rubbed or rubbed a few artists the wrong way a few times. Some of the feuds were short and fizzled out quickly, other feuds lasted a lot longer. Currently, Flex and Drake are going at it, but before we get into that let’s look at the other rappers, singers, and other industry people Flex had alterations with.    

Vs. Jay-Z

For a brief moment, Flex was going at Jay-Z. It was all over an app. Flex went on a rant about Jay-Z and his Life+Times website. Flex accused Jay’s site of skimming information from him and using it to boost his own app. Flex also accused people from Jay’s crew of banning him from playing and Dipset affiliated music while at the 40/40 club. The rant reached its peak when Flex dropped a new song by Dipset dissing Jay-Z. This wasn’t anything serious and blew over really quickly.

vs. 2Pac

2Pac was a polarizing figure. You can either love him or hate him. Funk Flex isn’t fond of 2Pac and hasn’t been for a while. In early 2010, Flex was on stage at a concert in New York and made some unpleasant remarks about him. “There are those that don’t f*** with 2Pac,” he said. “Fuck n***** sucking 2Pac’s d***. I don’t suck 2Pac’s d***. Make some noise if you miss f****** Biggie Smalls. Brooklyn, let’s go!” Naturally, that didn’t go well with some people considering, that 2Pac was dead by then. All the rap blogs and media outlets posted the video of the the statement and caused some controversy. Months later Funk Flex explained himself by saying that he never felt any “good energy” from ‘Pac when he was alive. “I don’t have to love him like that.”

vs. Steph Lova, Nas

The Hot 97 feud with Power 105 is long lasting and it probably will never end. In 2002, Power 105’s Steph Lova did an interview with Nas one night. During the interview, Nas decided to let some things off his chest. He addressed a lot of people and one of the people in his sights was Flex. Nas accused him of accepting money to play records of certain artists. Instead of go responding to Nas, Flex came at Steph Lova’s head. Things got serious when he allegedly assaulted her when he seen her later that year. Flex was arrested and charged with third-degree assault. He later pled guilty to harassment and agreed to stay away from Steph.

vs. R. Kelly

In 2008,  R. Kelly was the center of attention for one of the worst possible reasons ever. He was accused of having sex with a minor and recording it. During an interview with BET, he was asked if he likes teenage girls. R. Kelly responded with, “When you say teenage, how old are we talking?” That response raised suspicion with majority of the people who seen the interview. R. Kelly was acquitted, but Funk Flex unleashed an epic rant on the Pied Piper. “Let me be so specific to tell you, fam, with your funny-looking Member Only’s jacket, your funny beard, and the dumb Mel Brooks look you had on your face. There is an issue here because we’re talking about little children, teenagers, kids,” Flex exclaimed on Hot 97. Flex never got a response from R. Kelly, but actor Faizon Love stepped in for him. In a YouTube clip Love told Flex to mind his own business. This feud went nowhere as Flex ignored Faizon Love and continued with his life.  

vs. Khia

In 2012, the “My Neck My Back” rapper Khia called Flex out via Twitter for posting nude photos of her on his blog, In Flex We Trust. The funny thing is, she actually released the photos herself through her Twitter account after they leaked onto the Internet. Flex responded with facts, “All i did was put the pics on my blog and retweet a tweet. Why are you mad at me?” That pretty much was the end of it.

vs. Interscope executive Nino Cuccinello

In 2009, Funkmaster Flex had a bone to pick with Interscope records and an executive Nino Cucinello. The details are still fuzzy as to why Flex disliked Nino and Interscope. He went on his Hot 97 radio show and announced that he would no longer play any records put out by Interscope. “Interscope Records, nothin’ is spinning. I want us all to be friends, but Nino is not a friend of ours. I will go on with this. Nino, you got 24 hours to fix yourself or this goes someplace else tomorrow…Nino is the only one I’m letting off today. Tomorrow, I’m teeing off on the whole team.” That was the message he shared live on the radio. Shortly after his rant, Hot 97 denied that they would stop playing Interscope artists. Hot 97 Program Director Ebro Darden even stepped in to say that Flex was not speaking on behalf of the station.

vs. DJ Clue

Here is a long lasting feud between two great New York DJs. Flex and DJ Clue have been throwing shots at each other. It doesn’t matter if they are in the club or on the radio, these two will send a shot whenever and wherever. They really can’t stand each other. There is no end in sight for this feud. It’s just one of those situations where two people genuinely don’t like each other.

vs. Drake

The latest feud rapper to feud with Funkmaster Flex is Drake. This all started when Meek Mill sounded off about Drake not writing his own lyrics. Flex, being a true fan of Hip-Hop did not like that and vocalized his distaste for Drake in the following days. Flex even went on to get the reference tracks for a few Drake verses, that were allegedly written by Quentin Miller. When Drake put out diss records towards Meek, he took a moment to send a shot toward Flex as well. When Meek finally recorded a response, Flex got the exclusive.

Fast forward a couple of months. Just this past weekend Drake stopped in New York for his Summer ‘16 tour. During his New York show, he sent some more verbal shots towards Funk flex and Hot 97. Drake even proposed that Flex should be fired in order for him to go on Hot 97 for an interview. Even Eminem’s name somehow got dragged into it. It really is a big mess.      

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

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