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Exclusive: G&G Ent. & VIBE Bringing "Freshest New Crop of Emcess" to A3C

Lauren Martinez
Posted by Lauren Martinez on Oct 3


G&G Entertainment, a lifestyle brand marketing company, is building quite the reputation in the industry by helping others achieve greatness.The company provides product management, brand development, marketing and many other services for a diverse set of clients.

One speciality the G&G Ent. team has mastered is producing live shows. This will be on full display as they have teamed up with Vibe Magazine to bring the Fresh Pack showcase to A3C 2016. Recently, Kevin G. Tito C. of G&G Ent. took some time to answer a few questions about the upcoming showcase. Check out their insight and be sure to attend the Fresh Pack Saturday October 8 at 10 p.m. at the Music Room.downloadfile-1.png

What is the concept for your showcase for A3C?

G&G Ent. partnered up with Vibe to bring the freshest new crop of emcees to the A3C Festival this year.

Describe your showcase in three dope words?

Hip-Hop's next superstars!

What is going to set your showcase apart from dozens of other events happening during the festival?

Our partnership with Vibe Magazine gives artists one of the biggest platforms to showcase their talent. There is also a documentary being filmed to support the show and give fans a more in depth look into each artist.

What can attendees expect to see at your showcase?

A great hip-hop show.

What artists will performing at your showcase?

Sonny Digital, Zoey Dollaz, TK Kravitz, MD Uno, ForteBowie and more.

Are there any surprises or pop-ups that might take place on-site during your show?

Gotta come out to the show and see for yourself...

What kind of experience do you want fans to leave with after attending your showcase?

We want them to experience some dope new music from artist set to pave the way in the hip-hop scene and walk away feeling good knowing they've had the chance to see some of these acts as they start their journey in their respective music careers.  

Where can fans stay connected with you on social media?

Instagram and Twitter

What are a few tips you can share for upcoming promoters and curators wanting to work in the music business?

Don't take any days off!!!

What are you looking forward to the most this year at A3C 2016?

The Vibe and G&G Ent. Fresh Pack stage of course!

Lauren Martinez

Written by Lauren Martinez

"Every single individual on this planet has an untold story. My job is to bring their memoir to life." - Editor-in-chief

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