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Drink Champs podcast is Hip-Hop documentation at in its rawest form

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Sep 13


When it comes to recording great Hip-Hop moments, there many ways you can do it. Photographers and journalists are usually the go to Hip-Hop historians. Radio personalities are also figures who have a lot of interaction with artists. Radio stations like Hot 97, Power 105, Hot 107.9 and many other stations have had their fair share of legendary freestyles, heated interviews and spontaneous but exciting phone calls. Now podcasting is the new wave and everyone seems to have jumped on it. Hip-Hop figures like Joe Budden, Snoop Dogg, Elliot Wilson and B.Dot all have notable podcasts. Out of all the names mentioned, who would have thought Norega would have a podcast that is really making some noise. Ran by New York rap native and rapper Nore, and Miami legend DJ EFN, Drink Champs is documenting Hip-Hop in it’s rawest form, through word of mouth.

Right from episode one, Nore gives a full disclousre that he is not a journalist and he does not atend to act like one. That alone should let you know Drink Champ's is raw and uncut. Nore and DJ EFN, have created a space for artists to come and share their music industry experiences in a way that is most comfortable to them. Formalities are tossed out the window as shots of alcohol are knocked back. Artists come on this show and end up revealing things that you’ve never heard anywhere else before. Some of the wildest, jaw dropping, and insightful stories have been told on this podcast. Moments like Das (of The Dogg Pound) claiming that DJ Mustard stole his style, and revealing that he sampled Pee Wee Herman for the “Ambitionz az a Ridah” beat happened on the show. Memphis Bleek shared that him and Nore were the bridge to connect Fat Joe and Jay-Z for the “All the Way Up” remix. Bleek also revealed that an argument happened between him and Dame Dash before the Roc-a-fella break up. Even E-40 shared that he writes his raps while laying on his stomach. Where else can you hear new and old stories like this?

Although it is mostly laughs and light heartedness, things can get crazy on Drink Champs. Recently, Nore and DJ EFN had Jack Thriller on the show. It’s not a secret that Jack Thriller and 2 Chainz don’t get along and 2 Chainz called in to the show with some choice words for Jack.

The telling of these stories are often encouraged by the consumption of liquor, but that’s expected when the title of the show is Drink Champ’s. Nore and DJ EFN only bring guest that they know. If they have to Google you, you probably won’t be invited. Guests like Ja Rule, Jadakiss, KRS-1, 50 Cent, Talib Kweli and so many other artists have already had there moments the show. Drink Champs allows Hip-Hop history to be told by the people who made it. With 33 episodes in the bag, Nore and DJ EFN continue to show why they are the ideal Hip-Hop historians. Make some noise for Drink Champs for being one of the best Hip-Hop podcast available.     

Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Drink Champs, Nore, DJ EFN

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