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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill: A Voice in Black Media

Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings
Posted by Micah 'Shinobi X' Jennings on Aug 25

Today, the field of journalism is massive and growing rapidly. The way in which media is portrayed is largely based on the journalist responsible for spreading quality information to the public. One of those many faces is Dr. Marc Lamont Hill. Dr. Hill is a multi-media journalist, scholar, author, and activist from Philadelphia, PA. Being one of the leading black journalists in the country, he is a powerful voice for the people. Currently, Dr. Hill is a frequent political contributor to CNN as well as the host for BET News and VH1 Live. Outside of the media, he is a distinguished professor at Morehouse College where he teaches African-American studies before his early teachings at Columbia and Temple University.

Socially, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is one of the premiere black activists of our generation. He has consistently used his journalism platform to speak on the recent events of police brutality and racism. His latest book, Nobody: Casualties of America’s War on the Vulnerable, from Ferguson to Flint and Beyond is a thought provoking analysis that pays tribute to Michael Brown, Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin and countless others who lost their lives to police violence. In this book, he digs deep to expose the injustices of American racism in a flawed judicial system. He has also worked on several campaigns in the last few years to eradicate capital punishment and release many political prisoners. With his social awareness and forward thinking it is no surprise as to why Ebony Magazine named him one of America’s 100 most influential leaders.

In today’s society, an honest and forthright voice in the media is important especially, black media. To push the culture forward and shed light on the shadows of America one must stand up and be the leader of a generation, Dr. Marc Lamont Hill is that voice. 

At this year’s A3C Festival & Conference, we have the pleasure of having this prestigious and award-winning journalist share his voice to the people. Stay tuned for Dr. Marc Lamont Hill’s appearances and cultivating conversations.

Topics: Media, Marc Lamont Hill, Journalism

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