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Discover artists from All 3 Coasts on Thurs, Oct 5th at Music Room

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Oct 1

Artists from all three coasts are coming to Atlanta to rock on one stage. Come and discover some of the best talent from across the US, and overseas.

We try really hard to provide a platform for hip-hop artists from across the US, and aboard, while showcasing the talent in our own back yards. We review thousands of artists and hundreds of showcase submissions, and we look for the unexpected. We look for the next wave.

Thurs, Oct 5th @ Music Room (327 Edgewood Ave)

8:00pm - 11:30pm




Performing Live 

  • NicX
  • Arin Ray
  • TiKA
  • Trev Rich
  • Leigh Paris
  • Otown Marco
  • Malcolm Anthony
  • Jurdan Bryant
  • Ace Clarke
  • Breeze Mantana
  • Minus Gravity

There are over 50 shows and events throughout the week featuring hundreds of artists, producers, and DJs from around the world. Explore the lineup and schedule.


The Blog Team

Written by The Blog Team

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