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Digital Marketing Masterclass Teaches A3C Attendees New Strategies

Allison Hazel
Posted by Allison Hazel on Oct 8

a3c_0004.jpgMarketing products and services using digital technologies is quite complex in today’s age. According to the Digital Marketing Masterclass (presented by General Assembly), Digital Marketing is a continusly growing practice with about 19 different distribution channels. Hosted by Lawrence W O’Connor, the hour-long session covered all aspects of digital advertising.

 A well-spoken O’ Connor emphasized the importance of marketing to your audience furthermore how to discover who your audience is as well as their behavioral practices.He also touched on topics such as SEO, KPI, and qualitative data.


 Participating attendees were able to get live feedback on their existing websites. O’Connor made suggestions like “allow visitors to spend time on your site” rather than having an instant pop up for email subscriptions. “Don’t think big, think effiecent”, he added. Another good point O’Connor made was the importance of putting your marketing to the test using various data-collecting systems.

 The masterclass included examples of leaders in the industry like Gary Vaynerchuck, famously known for #AskGaryVee . O’Connor answered a few questions towards the end of the class and promised to email the slides from the presentation to everyone who attended. If interested, those who attended the session can also book O’Connor for any follow up sessions. 

Allison Hazel

Written by Allison Hazel

Allison Hazel is a music blogger/journalist from NYC. She enjoys live music, steetwear shopping, trying new foods and traveling across the country.

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