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Adult Swim Features IDK’s New Song “Baby Scale”

Allison Hazel
Posted by Allison Hazel on Sep 5

IDK’s track “Baby Scale” is the latest release from the Adult Swim Singles Program. Earlier this year, IDK (formerly known as Jay IDK) partnered with the network to produce exclusive content for his forthcoming album.

According to Billboard, the partnership was an idea he had. “I just thought it would be great to paint a picture visually and then have a TV component”, IDK explained.

Produced by Razjah and Alexander Spit, IDK begins the 3-minute track with "Baby Scale mean balance/the Gabby Douglas of rap/the conscience n*gga that can teach trap/the one that everybody saying sound like this or that."

Stream IDK’s “Baby Scale” below.

Allison Hazel

Written by Allison Hazel

Allison Hazel is a music blogger/journalist from NYC. She enjoys live music, steetwear shopping, trying new foods and traveling across the country.

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