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A3C's Hip-Hop Trailblazers series will feature Lil Jon & Friends along with Rakim & Big Daddy Kane

The Blog Team
Posted by The Blog Team on Aug 6

The Hip-Hop Trailblazer series invites 3 icons who’ve shaped the culture by starting influential movements and popularizing hip-hop genres: Crunk and Lyricism. Catch these legends at Masquerade between October 8-10 for a series of unforgettable shows.

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We're just getting started y'all! 

The 2019 A3C Festival consists of amazing concerts and experiences celebrating hip-hop icons and showcasing the most exciting artists of tomorrow at premier venues across Atlanta.


Crunk music defined a movement, era and general feeling associated with the subgenre in the 1990s through the early 2000s. Crunk is often up-tempo and one of Southern hip-hop's more club oriented and popular subgenres. Lil Jon was instrumental in bringing the term into the mainstream and has been credited by other artists for bringing the term and music genre itself. The term "crunk" became a house hold word and continues to define some of hip-hop's most popular club records.


Hip-Hop started out in brooklyn by a few DJs who learned out to scratch records and play the breaks on repeat. Initially, MCs were there to keep the crowd hype, that was until Rakim - followed by Big Daddy Kane - changed the game forever. They incorporated complex rhyme patterns and lyrical wordplay that would go on to define hip-hop culture. To this day Rakim and Big Daddy Kane are considered two of the most influential and greatest MCs of all time.


To Be Announced...

1 Night @ Masquerade

3 Nights @ The Center Stage  (Center Stage, Loft & Vinyl)

2 Nights @ Tabernacle

Dozens of events across the city highlighting different elements of hip-hop culture and featuring hundreds of artists, producers, and DJs from around the world.

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