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A3C Spotlight: PnB Rock continues to Carve out a Lane of his Own

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 15

PNB-ROCK-Main-Pub-Photo-Jimmy-Fontaine-HR.jpgThe talented 23-year-old singer is one who lets it be know that he gets his inspiration from the streets. While growing up in Philadelphia, Rock remembers listening to records from artists like 2pac, Jay Z, the Temptations, and Jodeci. With music being such an early influence in Rock’s life, one would think that he was able to develop efficiently as an artist. However according to Rock, Philadelphia only ended up being where he landed himself in various instances with the law. At the age of just 13, Rock was sent to a youth detention program for fighting at school, and for committing robberies. Just six years later, Rock got sent to prison but remembers that this was where he actually grew as an artist. “There were people up there singing in the yard. They were doing the same thing that I was doing, but they were serious with, it,” he said. Although he did not graduate high school, Rock soon began pursuing his music passion instead. While in prison, Rock wrote his first project titled “RNB”(Real Nigga Bangaz), and dropped it in the year 2014. It was this highly anticipated project that helped Rock gain notoriety in his city, but was not enough to

PNB-Rock-Publicity-Photo-Jimmy-Fontaine-HR.jpgOnce Rock dropped RNB2 in 2015, his loyal following had helped him gained the attention of many major labels like Atlantic Records. After signing earlier this year, Rock released RNB3, which got him million of streams on Soundcloud. Rock’s recent project also has a good amount of production from Sonny Digital, and ear-catching singles that have interesting vibes like “Jealous,” which features Fetty Wap. Shortly after RNB3’s release, Fetty Wap and Rock teamed up with DJ Drama to drop a 12-track project titled “Money, Hoes, & Flows." Rock’s music can best be described as one with melodic flows over heavy trap beats. What separates Rock from many other artists in this particular lane is that Rock isn’t afraid to make tracks that cater specifically to women. When listening to Rock be prepared to hear different styles of music that reflect on money, love, and struggle. This is an artist that will truly keep you guessing.

 Make sure your there at Rock’s performance at this year’s festival!

New Lane Ent. presents
Thursday October 6th @ 7:00 PM
Warehouse on Auburn (Patio) (Old 4th Ward)

Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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