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A3C Spotlight: Scotty ATL Pushes the Boundaries of Southern Music

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 12

IMG_3017.jpgWith so many artists coming out of Atlanta each year it is only a matter of time before the world discovers the strong work ethic of Scotty ATL. This is an artist who truly defines what it means to be an entrepreneur in this business. After deciding to pursue a rap career in high school, Scotty ATL formed his own label known as the "Cool Club," which later garnered attention from No Genre’s record label president. On top of creating shows and tours, Scotty ATL throws events that support aspiring artists throughout the city. Everything about Scotty ATL is unquestionably southern, but besides that, this is an individual who reflects genuineness in both his music and personality.

maxresdefault-74.jpgThe young rapper has worked with many notable acts such as B.o.B., BJ the Chicago Kid, Big K.R.I.T., Organized Noise, Curren$y, and even the late Bankroll Fresh. Scotty ATL’s style is one that can take listeners back to the earlier days of Atlanta during the career peaks of T.I., Outkast, and Goodie Mob. Likewise, Scotty’s music transcends the familiar southern approach by giving audiences a mixture of old and innovative styles of music. In the words of Scotty ATL, “Don’t follow these dudes' trends, switch the style on them.”

scotty-atl_1.jpgScotty ATL says he can remember first rapping off instrumentals from legends Bone Thugs N’ Harmony. Once he started taking music more seriously, Scotty began selling mixtapes to his peers in high school and even built himself a home studio. He then, carefully studied greats like UGK, Outkast, Biggie, and 2Pac. In 2011, Scotty dropped Summer Dreams, which was hosted by DJ Burn One. Summer Dreams soon gained Scotty ATL a cult following, but it was the releases after this project that helped move Scotty forward in his career. Upon the release of Scotty’s impressive Spaghetti Junction project in 2014, B.O.B. invited him to go on a nation-wide tour. While on tour, Scotty ATL started touching audiences with both his clever wordplay and storytelling skills. That following year, Scotty performed on stage with B.o.B. during Hot 107.9’s Birthday Bash concert and even toured with the No Genre label. From 2014 to 2015, Scotty was asked to perform on three national tours all while opening up for artists such as Jarren Benton in 19 cities, Big K.R.I.T. and B.J. the Chicago Kid in 39 cities, and 44 cities with B.O.B. That same year Scotty did his very own ten city tour with his Cool Club labelmates, Jaydot Rain and Kissie Lee,  titled the "No Handouts Tour." Pretty impressive for an upcoming artist in the game, especially one with goals of staying independent. 

unnamed-2.jpgScotty ATL continues to push the boundaries of southern music and its culture. It is hard to say what is next for such a talented artist like Scotty. The hustle and ambition ge's displayed is enough to make any connoisseur of music excited. Just as Scotty has stated within his music, “ What you out there playing for if you’re not trying to win?” 

Make sure to catch Scotty ATL at A3C! His company Atown Grillz is also partnering with us for this year's festival & conference. See how you can get your very own A3C custom grill.

The Fanbase presented by Schweinbeck LLC & The Cool Club
Thursday October 6th @ 10:00 PM
Warehouse on Auburn (Upstairs) (Old 4th Ward)

The People Assembly: Movement Beyond A #
Friday October 7th @ 12:30 PM
Room Two (Loudermilk Center)




Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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