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A3C Spotlight: Nick Grant is a voice you need to hear

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Aug 24


A new voice is emerging in Hip-Hop and it belongs to Nick Grant. A native of Waterloo, South Carolina, Nick Grant could throw you off with his sound. He even acknowledges it himself, “A southern n**** with these up north flows.” It’s amazing that someone who began rapping on a dare is now one of the best lyrical artist making a name for himself. Raised by his grandmother and uncles, Nick is more mature than his age lets on. You can hear it in the way he raps. His style is more reminiscent of the 90s, but with all of the nuances that you would expect a 20-something person to have.

Realizing that Waterloo was not the ideal place for his musical talents, he moved to Atlanta with his sister when he was 14 years-old. There he would play hooky from Booker T. Washington High School to battle students at Clark Atlanta University. His first three mixtapes The Intern, Born Hip-Hop, and The Present didn’t get much recognition, but Grant eventually caught the attention of talent scout and founder of Grand Hustle Records, Jason Geter.

 Now, with Jason Geter as his manager, Nick Grant is moving into position to become the next big Hip-Hop star. His latest project, ‘88 Mixtape is what put him on the radar of many major music publications, Hip-Hop fans and labels. Artists like Big KRIT, Young Dro, and Killer Mike are featured on the mixtape serving as co-signs. This mixtape had his breakout track “The Jungle,” which displays his social awareness and keen ability to convey his thoughts through rhymes. His witty wordplay and slick punchlines, fit well with the concepts and beats that Grant choose for this mixtape. When he’s not in the studio cooking up songs worthy of 100 replays, he may be on a radio show freestyling like a mad-man. His freestyle on Sway in the Morning even made Young Jeezy a believer.

Many people will try to compare him to artists like Nas and J. Cole, and he fits in with that crowd but it is still too early to put him in a box. We have a lot to see and hear from Nick Grant. Nick Grant does not fit the mold of most Atlanta rappers that make it to the mainstream, but he is a reason why Atlanta still has a choke hold on the music industry.      


Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

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