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A3C Speakers: The best of the Combat Jack Live Show with Ed Lover

Jerel Marshall
Posted by Jerel Marshall on Aug 15


In an age fueled by high speed internet, a slew of new podcasts pop up seemingly every week. Since 2010, hip hop heavyweight Reggie Osse has played host to one of the most popular podcasts in hip hop-- the Combat Jack Show. With a who’s who list of rappers, producers and other hip hop influencers dropping by regularly, you never know who is going show up with hot news or hilarious accounts of past industry shenanigans. The latter was on full display as legendary hip hop personality Ed Lover dropped by to tell a few stories and offer a tiny serving of salacious tea. Here are just a few of the great anecdotes that stuck out from the special taping of the show which was recorded in front of a live audience at the Loft in Atlanta Saturday, August 13.

1. Cops threw firecrackers at Ice Cube during a performance of “Fuck the Police”

Remember that scene in Straight Outta Compton, the NWA biopic, when Ice Cube is performing “Fuck the Police” in Detroit’s Joe Louis Arena? In the movie, the group quickly leaves the stage as what sounds like gunshots ring out. Ed Lover who was standing right next to the stage at the real event says he knows what really happened. As the raucous crowd sang along word for word with the controversial song, an officer who was standing right next Lover began throwing M80s on the stage.

2. Lyor Cohen is a monster when it comes to negotiating

When Ed Lover and Dr. Dre first signed on to do Yo! MTV Raps they were bringing in $500 a piece per week. The show quickly became a hit and MTV gave the duo a modest raise their second year of the show, netting them $750 a week. Enter music mogul Lyor Cohen. For the past three decades Cohen has made a name from himself representing legendary acts such as RUN DMC, Bon Jovi and most recently Young Thug. During an intense meeting about the terms for Lover and Dre’s third year on the show, Cohen asked the two to give him some time alone with MTV execs. He walked out later to announce that he earned them $250,000 a piece.

3. MTV forced Ed Lover to stop making music with 90’s parody group No Face

Ed Lover began performing music live in his teens as a member of a funk band that traveled around Queens to do gigs at local bars. Him and his core group of friends from his funk dayswould go on to create the group No Face. The crew quickly gained a following for their brand of outrageous parody rap that saw them repurpose lines from the Jungle Brothers and Parliament. Lover tried to keep his role in the group lowkey, going uncredited for many of their early songs and wearing ski masks at live shows. Eventually MTV execs caught wind of his involvement and asked him to sever ties with the group due to his role with Yo! MTV Raps.

4. Mike Tyson is one of the most generous people you will ever meet

In the early 90’s Mike Tyson was one of the biggest stars in the world. His unparalleled boxing skills, wild behavior and one of a kind lisp quickly helped him become one of the most polarizing figures in pop culture. One night Tyson and Ed Lover hit the streets to check out one of the most popular Jamaican clubs in New York City. Although Tyson was almost turned away at the door for dress code violations, the frequenters of the packed club showered the champ with love as soon as he stepped in. Tyson enjoyed the vibes so much, he eventually offered to buy out the bar for the rest of the night. When it was time to call it a night, a thoroughly inebriated Tyson threw Ed Lover the keys to a new Bentley and told him to drive himself home. Ed Lover says he had the luxury car parked at his mother’s house for a month before Tyson’s manager sent someone to retrieve it. Several years down the road, when the two friends were reminiscing on that night, Tyson revealed that he actually intended to give the car to Ed Lover permanently but his manager did not approve.

5. Tupac was a savage

One of the more interesting topics of the night was the iconic Tupac. Ed Lover was close friendswith the late rapper and had plenty of great personal anecdotes to share. Lover said that him and Pac earned a pretty physical ejection from the famous Atlanta strip club Magic City.

Although Lover says the crew spent a ton of money that night, bouncers became fed up withnumerous party fouls being committed which included touching and pouring champagne on dancers, smoking weed inside the club and Tupac exposing himself on stage. Ed Lover also shared the juicy details of a romantic encounter between Tupac and TLC rapper/singer Left Eyebut you’ll have to tune into the show for that one.

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Jerel Marshall

Written by Jerel Marshall

Jerel has covered sports, music and culture for the past 10 years. Whether writing on topics such as the Atlanta Hawks or the musical stylings of electric soul duo Honne, Jerel's work is always brimming with passion and honesty. Also, he'll probably beat you in 2K.

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