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A3C Speakers: 3 Music Executives to have your mixtape ready for

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Aug 18

A3C has always been considered one of the “go to” events where music lovers can acquire knowledge from music panels, enjoy live performances, as well as have opportunities to network efficiently. For all the serious and aspiring artist who plan on being active during A3C’s week-long event should be aware of the many influential faces that will be in the city of Atlanta during this short amount of time

1. Aaron Reid

Aaron_reid-1.jpgNow for those who may not know, Aaron Reid is the son of Epic Record’s renowned L.A. Reid. Aaron currently works at Epic Records as an executive producer, songwriter, and A&R who help discover new talent. In addition to these high accolades, Reid also focuses on his own musical ambitions, which includes R&B and executive producing for other artists.  Seeing as how the Reid family is deeply rooted in Atlanta, it is a no brainer to keep Aaron on your list.


2. Keinon Johnson

Keinon_Johnson_1.jpgKenion Johnson has been around in this game for some time now. In 1995, Johnson started out doing street promotions for various records labels while attending Clark University in Atlanta, Georgia. Years later Johnson went on to obtain a position At Priority Records as a Southeast Regional Representative where Johnson helped push the careers of OG’s like Master P and Ice Cube. Currently, Keinon is the National Director of Urban Promotions at Interscope Records. This position means that Johnson’s sole job is to make sure that the top-tier artists on Interscope receive maximum exposure towards their music. What better way to get your music heard than from someone who specializes in spreading music?


3. Phillana Williams

Philana_WIlliams__Couldnt_find_any_good_solos.jpgThe music industry is one of the most influential components in the entertainment business that has open the doors up for many women who have gone to land many respectable positions. Phillana Williams is no exception by starting off at Atlanta’s Hot 97 radio station, and later getting a position from L.A. Reid to work at the LaFace Records. Williams has worked with many artists like Outkast, Usher, Neyo, and Rick Ross. Not only has Williams been in charge of marketing and managing various artists, but she has also even had some of her very own production end up projects. Williams started off being interested in working in the music industry due to her passion for singing. She may very well be one of the few music executives at A3C who understands the mindset of an aspiring artist.

Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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