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A3C Social Club September Edition Celebrates the Life of Tupac

Tyler Mason
Posted by Tyler Mason on Sep 15


Photo credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services

Every month the A3C staff gets together to devise social events that cater to the needs of our beloved supporters. At this month’s mixer, many creatives came out to network with fellow members of Atlanta’s vast Hip-Hop community, while paying homage to the legendary Tupac Shakur. It was only right that the September edition of A3C’s mixer focused solely on remembering Pac, as well as that fateful day when the world lost one of the greats. Even before the mixer started, lines of people formed outside as they waited for the venue doors to open. The night was filled with good vibes and loud chants as Grammy-winning producer/songwriter Bryan-Michael Cox spun many Tupac favorites like “I get around,” “California Love,” and “Gangsta Party.” Not only was this event free with an RSVP, but complimentary drinks were also given to the die-hard fans that could answer various Pac related trivia questions.


Photo credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services

The night continued with dancing, live painting, organic conversation, and other great music like ‘Big Poppa,” by the late Biggie Smalls. Among the other attendees were SESAC’s Associate Director Greggory Smith, and Atlanta’s very own DJ Blak Boy. The building was also filled with many other local artists and entrepreneurs such as urban photographer Chilly-O, and manager/writer Damian “Dizzle” Davenport. Significant relationships were born, and many innovative ideas were exchanged as the night came to a close. The end of a great night is always the hardest to deal with, but paying homage to Pac could not of have been anymore effortless.


 Photo credit: Elias Zamudio for A3C Media Services

The best aspect of these events has always been the unexpected opportunities that arise from engaging in dialogue with aspiring creatives, as well as the prominent figures that just so happen to pass through. To be connected and aware of the possibilities that this great city provides is the smartest way to go about pursuing any career path. At all A3C mixers, the staff works to ensure that all guests feel like family no matter one's status or occupation. In any case, do not miss out on our next month’s mixer! Who knows, anything can happen in just one night.


Tyler Mason

Written by Tyler Mason

T. Mason is a Content Producer for A3C, as well as an entrepreneur with a passion in fashion and music.

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