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A3C is a Networking Paradise For College Students

Allison Hazel
Posted by Allison Hazel on Sep 28

Networking can be a bit awkward; especially for a college student who’s trying to break into the industry. The cool thing about A3C Festival & Conference is that it’s a relaxed environment that gives you the opportunity to meet just about everyone from label reps to producers. So, if you’re thinking about kick-starting your career at A3C, these 5 tips will help you navigate:

Have a plan

Think about what you would like to gain from the conference. Do you want to discover new talent? Do you want to land an internship or job? Or do you simply want to build your contacts? Having a plan keeps you organized and focused.

Talk to as many people as you can

Literally, talk to as many people as you can. Don’t forget to network with other students as well. Also, the more you introduce yourself the more comfortable you’ll be in terms of networking.

Be prepared

When it comes to conferences, a notepad, pen, and a charged phone are pretty much essentials. Business cards with your contact info and social media also come in handy. You can get business cards for a reasonable price at Vistaprint or Moo.

Practice your elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is a 30-60 second pitch that describes who you are and what you do. Sometimes you only get a minute to engage with someone, hence “elevator pitch” (the amount of time it takes for the elevator to reach the next floor). Don’t forget to exchange contact information at the end.

Follow up 

Following up is crucial. You don’t want to build contacts for no reason. Shortly after the festival and conference, you should begin reaching out to all the people you met.

Good luck at A3C this year!

Allison Hazel

Written by Allison Hazel

Allison Hazel is a music blogger/journalist from NYC. She enjoys live music, steetwear shopping, trying new foods and traveling across the country.

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