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A3C Curators: using digital platforms to build a career in Hip-hop

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Aug 11


Many people in this industry have shown that it is very possible to launch a career on digital platforms. Known as “curators of Hip-hop” the following people got their start on social media and blogs and have now taken their careers to a different level.

Yes Julz

YesJulz, known as the “Director of Vibes” is making a wave in the hip-hop music industry.  Her hashtag #nevernotworking describes her perfectly as she is constantly building her brand through digital platforms.  She has close to 400K Instagram followers and updates her fans multiple times a day through IG stories and Snapchat videos.  She now hosts a blog and leads an all-female brand agency, while continuing to make her followers apart of her movement.  She works with multiple brands such as Puma and Vevo to create content that her audience and their audience can relate to.  Julz has created a #1AMVibes campaign in which she brings her audience into her world as she hosts parties, attends large events and interviews celebrities on her podcast.  Managing artist 070Shake she has been able to expand her reach and use her industry connections to promote her artist. In addition to her own artist’s records, she also helps promote other artist’s music on #NewMusicMondays where she helps create Soundcloud playlists of new songs.  Her movement continues to grow every day she is #NeverNotWorking.



Ashley Outrageous

Ashley Outrageous is a Miami native that has always been a lover of Hip-hop.  She began her career in Hip-hop when she created her own blog dedicating to promoting Hip-hop artists and their music.  Her blog has grown over the years and now she has her own url and is creating content daily online.  Her social media presence is really heavy with over 1300 posts and almost 20,000 followers.  Ashley travels the country to attend and cover festivals and concerts and to host events.  Top Dawg Entertainment even took notice of her and hired her as their Director of Digital Media.  She’s a great example of how to use the digital market to develop a career in the Hip-hop industry.




Flockaland, a creative in Hip-hop, got her start designing her clothing line, Stay (+).  Her clothing line has grown into a movement and her brand generates content on many different social media accounts.  By using social media, she has expanded her company and now has celebrities in hip-hop like Trinidad James and A$AP Rocky sporting her brand around the country.  She’s grown to be a large influencer in Atlanta and she’s always seen hosting events and piping up crowds across the city.  On her Instagram page @whattodoflocka, she keeps everyone updated on the hottest events to attend in NY and Atlanta.  She’s one of the hottest rising entrepreneurs in Hip-hop and with her digital platforms, she can further develop her brand.


By following the branding steps of these Hip-hop curators or starting a unique movement, it is very possible to use social media to go from nothing to something. These few women and many others have found a way to master their digital platforms and build a strong foundation for their brands and careers.

Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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