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A3C Artist Spotlight: Mauie The King Jr Is Up Next

Posted by Micah Jennings on Aug 19

mauie-1.jpgAt A3C we believe in showcasing the best talent whether it’s major or indie artist. Coming straight out of Atlanta, Ga, Mauie The King Jr is definitely an artist to have on your radar. With his laid-back persona and swag filled lyrics and delivery, Mauie is making his own wave in hip-hop. His latest installment, “Going Out For Wings” EP is producing solid numbers for a self-made indie artist. The EP comes with four tracks that all supply a different vibe. The single on the EP, “No Free Lunch” produced by Ace Taylor displays the rapper’s ability to spit bars and supply a wavy cadence that grabs the attention of anyone listening. With the help of visual director Jack Lester and King Tony, the euphoric sounds of this track were brought to life with a dope visual to match the vibes of the project.

 The title of the project is used to show personal growth and also acts as a double entendre for picking up a casual ten-piece wing combo. By supplying a variety of flavor on these four tracks, fans and casual listeners are able to set the vibe to match their current setting. Be sure to catch Mauie The King Jr. perform these dope records at the Basement for our Urban Fetes Silent Party on Oct 5th @9:00pm. Until the show, get acclimated to the sounds of “Going Out For Wings” here.


 No Free Lunch Video


Micah Jennings

Written by Micah Jennings

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