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Spotlight: Willy J Peso is about to put Detroit back on the Map

Britni Mann
Posted by Britni Mann on Sep 28


Willy J Peso is rolling his way into the streets of Atlanta to perform on the A3C’s stage.  Peso, a Detroit-native rapper appeals to many audiences because he creates music that everyone can vibe to.  Although he’s often compared to West coast artists like Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg, he’s predicted to be Detroit’s next artist to blow. 

Peso’s first mixtape, Destination Cloud 9, gave him his start in Hip-hop and gave him high recognition among Hip-hop mixtape sites.  The mixtape featured artists Scolla, Huey Mack, Travis Porter and many more.  Two years later, he released his second mixtape, Euphoria.  His next two projects, Indica EP and Sativa EP helped define him as an artist and as a marijuana culture advocate. 

Peso has become a major figure for the legalization of marijuana in his home state of Michigan. He’s developed a strong brand and now has his own t-shirts representing his favorite strands.  His single “Sativa”, his biggest hit so far helped him reach the Top 30 on the iTunes Hip-hop chart.

In June 2016, Peso hosted his Smoke-A-Thon Showcase 2 to celebrate the upcoming release of his EP.  This event also helped highlight the local artists that are part of the Hip-hop culture in Michigan.  Some of the artists that performed at the showcase include Redzone Tay, Mr. SmokerCity, Nolan the Ninja, Hunnit Andretti and Face the Great.

His ability to captivate his audience was seen across the country early this year when he joined Curren$y on the Cruis’n USA Tour.  In addition to touring the country with a major Hip-hop artist, Peso has also performed during CMW (Canadian Music Week) and at SXSW.  This year, he’ll join the A3C Stage at the All 3 Coasts Showcase.   

A3C presents All 3 Coasts
Wednesday October 5th @ 8:00 PM
Warehouse on Auburn [Patio] (Old 4th Ward)




Britni Mann

Written by Britni Mann

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