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10 things that classify you as a true ATLien

Joseph Tiller
Posted by Joseph Tiller on Aug 25
Atlanta is one of the greatest cities in the world. It has plenty of landmarks and attractions that bring visitors from all over. It even was host to the '96 Olympics. Not too many American cities have had that honor. Atlanta is hub for business and entertainment. It is also where you can find old fashion southern hospitality. Atlanta natives are some of the most unique people you could meet. They are part of the reason people want to move here. Currently, Atlanta is a melting pot of people from all over country and even the world, but you can still pick a true ATLien out of a crowd. Here are a few things that make you a true ATLien.    

You've been to Poole Palace (on Bankhead Highway), Velvet Room, Libra (formerly H2O


Altanta’s night life is one of a kind. It has gone through so many changes over the years. As far as night clubs, there are a lot of options to chooses from. Real ATLiens know that there were some clubs that hold fond memories for the city. Clubs like the Velvet Room and club Libra (formerly H2O), Club Kaya, and other clubs kept the city alive at night, especially on the weekends. Sadly, most of the clubs have closed permanently due to violent altercations or bad business practices. Other clubs have changed management or names to stay afloat. Clubs like the legendary Poole Palace changed locations, moving from Bankhead Highway to its current location on Old National Highway. The Poole Palace was so famous, there's a dance named after it.

You know every word to Pastor Troy’s “No Mo Play in GA”


If you were in Atlanta in ‘99 when Pastor Troy dropped his album “We Ready( I Declare War),” the song that most likey sticks out the most to you is “No Mo Play in GA.” During this time, Pastor Troy and Master P were at ends. Some would say they only did it for attention, and if that’s the case, it worked. Pastor Troy helped introduce the crunk era of Hip-Hop. At the same time he gave the entire state of Georgia an anthem.  

You grew up inside I-285


If you look at a map of Georia's highways and roads, you will see an Interstate highway, I-285. I-285 also known as "the perimeter," forms a circle around the city of Atlanta. Everything in the circle is Atlanta, everything outside the circle is not Atlanta. Many people will claim to be ATLiens but they're from metro Atlanta areas. Marrietta, Smyrna, Tucker, and any where outside of I-285 fell just a little short of being included.  


You seen/been to freaknik as a kid


Everyone knows about Freaknik. If you don’t known about Freaknik, then that means you were born too late, sorry. Freaknik is probably the reason some of us are here to be honest. As a kid growing up in Atlanta during the 90s, Freaknik was something you could not escape. During that time of year you could look out your window and catch a glimpse of what was going on. Getting stuck in traffic and seeing crowds of people on side of the road, was an event. Being so young, you most likely weren’t allowed to hang around the festivities, but you’ve overheard your uncles, aunts and possibly your parents talking about their experience.

You know where the best food spots are


Everyone in Atlanta is a foodie by default. There are so many restaurants and eateries in Atlanta it’s impossible to visit them all. True ATLiens known where to get the best food. It may not be at a five star restaurant or anywhere you may see on the Food Network. This food is deep in the city. You have to know a true Atlanta native to experience these hidden culinary gems. Wings, and BBQ are abundant in the A and pickin the right spot is crucial. If you see a food spot with either “shack,” “joint,” or “hut” incorporated in the name you are on the right track.

Outkast is in your top 5


Outkast is a big reason why Atlanta is as popular a city it is today. Andre 3000 and Big Boi were one of the first Hip-Hop acts from the A to help the city go mainstream and become recognized for it's musical contributions to Hip-Hop. Outkast is the reason why Atlanta natives refer to themselves as ATLiens. If you grew up in Atlanta you were most likely raised on their music, and if not you still have some growing up to do. 


You don't say "Hotlanta"


Yes, Atlanta gets hot as h*** in the spring and summer time. Being an Atlanta native, you already known that. There is no need for you to incorporate the tempature into the name of the city. Hotlanta is a tourist name for the A, it's like a gimmick. Only out of towners refer to Atlanta as "Hotlanta."  


You know where to find free parking


Parking in Atlanta is horrible. Either there isn't any parking available or you have to pay for it. Parking in Atlanta is the cherry on top of the ice cream sunday made of traffic. A true ATLien would know where to park your car to avoid paying and getting towed or a boot, but now its difficult for any and everyone to avoid paying. I still would rather be with someone who knows where to park the car to avoid Park Atlanta. 

You're a Grady baby


Grady Memorial Hospital is the cities long time hospital, founded in 1892. It is the largest hospital in the state of Georgia and is a level 1 trauma center. If you were born in Atlanta, Grady Hospital is propably where your delivery happened. Grady babies are truly proud to be born in that hospital. Having a birth cirtificate with Grady Memorial Hospital on it, is an official stamp of an ATLien

You're a Falcons fan


If you are a true ATLien you are a Falcons fan. There are no ifs, ands or, buts about it. Football in the south is the number one sport and Atlanta supports their team through win or lose. Come game day, ATLiens come from all over the city to the Georgia Dome to tailgate, and watch the game. It's a family affair.  



Joseph Tiller

Written by Joseph Tiller

Topics: Atlanta

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